Our Story

Copper Moon Coffee has a rich history of family ownership that dates back to 1968. Copper Moon®, now owned by the Gutwein family, roasts Copper Moon® branded and private label coffees for retailers, foodservice distributors, and our World Café locations. In the beginning, we roasted all our beans in old 1934 Jabez Burns perforated drum roasters. As our business grew, the old roasters were replaced with new state-of-the-art equipment. As we have grown, our attention to detail and our commitment to high-quality standards have remained the same. We are thankful for our coffee heritage, the people who roast and pack our great coffees, and loyal consumers everywhere who share our passion for Copper Moon's specialty coffees. 


Recent Trips

This past year, Cary Gutwein traveled to Nicaragua to meet with a few of our suppliers in Central American. Trips like this help us ensure we are sourcing the finest quality coffees while strengthening relationships with our key suppliers.


The Art of Shipping Coffee

From the ripe red berries, we gather in 16 countries across three continents to our perfectly roasted specialty blends, moving our coffee from its source to your cup takes time, dedication, and experience.